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Beach Road Soi 8 #Pattaya Girls. Pattaya #Soi 8 remains a place worth visiting going into 2015. It is not as busy as it once was, but there are some quality bars to see towards the Beach Road end of the soi. As you move further up the soi away from the beach, things do get quieter. In particular, once you get to the ‘Best Bar’ you have already arrived at the last notable venue on #Pattaya Soi 8. The establishments further inland are usually very quiet and I am unsure what the future holds for them... I suspect that they are not making a profit and that they will close at some point. As with Soi 7, for the time being I still like Soi 8 Pattaya and I give it my nod of approval. Soi 7 is the better of the two, but if you start your night at the Second Road end of Soi 7 and work your way down towards the beach, it is only a few extra yards to get to the best action on Soi 8. All in all, it’s a must see if you are coming to Pattaya.

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Beach Road Soi 8 #Pattaya Girls

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